Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Displaying Quilts

I love quilting, but have a hard time letting go of quilts after I make them. But tucking quilts away in closets doesn't let me enjoy my labors of love. The dilemma, therefore, is how can one display multiple quilts for maximum enjoyment? Here are a few of my personal quilt displays....

My favorite display is this ladder display in my entryway. The quilt on the wall is hung from a decorative curtain rod with clips - easy to change out for the seasons.

My collection of antique quilts fit neatly in an antique ice box. A scrappy table runner layered with a doily adorns the top, while another quilt hangs over the ice box door.

This quilt chest was purchased at a craft show. To keep the quilts uniform in the chest, I cut a piece of foam core board to fold the quilts around, then slipped the board out.

Group similar quilts together. Here, brighter quilts with white backgrounds compliment the white furnishings.

A baby crib tucked under my cutting table holds another array of quilts.

How do you display your quilts?