Friday, September 12, 2014

My Piece of Heaven....a.k.a. Thistle Thicket Studio

As promised, I'm back with a little tour of my studio. First you should know that I love jadite green and love to collect vintage sewing notions, old buttons, toy sewing machines, 50's plastic thimbles, and anything jadite green (not to mention fabric and UFO's)! Here's a little tour.....

I store my scraps in cubbies by color.

 Canning jars filled with some of my favorite things....buttons, wooden thread spools, and thimbles.

My jar of plastic advertising thimbles.
Love my toy washing machine and sewing machine.
 My cutting table.
 The green baby crib was a junking find - perfect for displaying quilts.
 Jadite green notions.
 Vintage green hankies and pattern.
My sewing machine....And a hint at my current design project.

 More collections of vintage sewing notions and jadite green 'things'.
 A friendship quilt.
 My toy sewing machine collection.
More jadite green :)
Thanks for stopping by to visit my studio! I enjoyed sharing a piece of my heaven with you, but it's time to get back to that secret design project I mentioned.