Sunday, October 19, 2014


It's October, and the hubby and I are itching to hit the road once the fall crops are harvested on the farm. One of my favorite things to do on road trips is to find new quilt shops to visit (and antique stores too)! I discovered a new website the other day that will be the perfect trip planning tool for our next road trip. It's called QuiltingHub ( and I think it will grow to be the most comprehensive quilting site on the internet. 

It has a number of features any quilter would find handy - including lists of quilt shops, services, groups and events; internet stores; quilt blogs; maps and a trip planner. It also has resources, such as quilt articles, and forums to chat about quilting. New information is constantly being added and is maintained by the quilting community (meaning people like you and me). The site is free to access the information; however, to 'like', manage favorites and post in the forums, you can register with an email and user name. 

The trip planning tool, though, is my favorite. Just type in your current location (or starting point) and your destination and a list of quilt shops along with an interactive map provides you names and addresses of shops along your route. It's a good thing my hubby is a good sport when it comes to my quilting addiction!

Another tool I like is the events search feature. You can select a location and a calendar of quilting events for the area is displayed.

Switch the calendar over to map mode, and now those events show on a map with event details displayed on the left.

I'm anxious to test out the trip planner for our next road trip - although with all the shops listed, we may never make it to our destination!


P.S. This blog is listed under "Blogs" at QuiltingHub, so please go and 'like' my information page.