Friday, October 3, 2014

Wordle Me This?

What is Wordle? Wordle is a word cloud generating website. What's a word cloud? A group of words randomly placed in a grouping. So what does that have to do with quilting? The things you can do with word clouds is only limited by your imagination - customized quilt blocks, quilt labels and mini quilts are just a few of ideas.

Let me give you a quick walk through. Go to and click on 'create your own'. Type words that you want to appear in your Wordle in the text box. The more often the word is repeated, the larger the word will appear in the Wordle. To keep two or more words together, either type the words with no spaces between the words or use a tilde (~) between the words. After you have your words typed, click go. It will ask to allow Wordle to run, click yes or allow and Wordle will generate your word cloud. Now you can select different fonts, layouts and colors for your Wordle. Here are a few examples to give you an idea.....

To save your Wordle, select 'open in window' and enlarge to full screen. Save by taking a screen shot and pasting to Microsoft Publisher. Crop the screen shot to your liking, then save the image as a picture. Now you can print your Wordle on colorfast fabric sheets that are made for ink jet printers.

I think I'll make the last Wordle into a mini quilt to hang in my 'studio'. I'll share the finished product soon!