Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quilting Apps

Is your online quilting obsession so great that you have to take it on the go? I have several quilting apps downloaded on my smart phone, but have to admit I haven't really used them. So i decided I needed to take the time to explore some of them.

The first one I found was Art Quilting Daily. The description grabbed my attention - "Love contemporary quilting, surface design, wearable arts, mixed media, embellished quilting, crazy quilts, beading, silk ribbon work, and fabric painting?" Yes, I do! So I downloaded the free app. It features blogs & videos from Interweave staff, who produce Quilting Arts; Studios; & Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazines. 

In the blog section, the 25 most recent blogs are shown. After reading a few, I realized that each blog was an advertisement to purchase one of their magazines, ebooks, etc. That's not all bad, there were a couple of articles & projects I was interested in & will probably purchase the magazine if I run across it in a store. There were also photos of projects for inspiration & simple enough I wouldn't need a pattern to make.

The video section may be fantastic, but after several attempts I gave up trying to open. On my phone while traveling, there just wasn't enough signal to download the page much less the videos & I had 4 bars! There is also a quilting glossary which gives definitions of quilting terms & a place to sign up for their free newsletter.

If I'm really bored, I might glance through this app again but it won't be on my favorite apps list. What about you?