Sunday, June 14, 2015

Thread Holder, Do-Rag & More Farm Girl Vintage Blocks

I excitedly wait for Fridays to roll around to see what new and creative ways Lori Holt with Bee In My Bonnet has used her blocks from her Farm Girl Vintage book. Besides all the wonderful quilts, she has made pillows, pincushions, aprons, potholders and more. I still have an apron that I want to make using that extra baking day block I made a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I'll get it done next week....

But for now, I got the next two blocks made. Here is my crops block & my egg basket block.....
I also made the hubby a do-rag to keep the sun off of his head during wheat harvest. It kind of looks like a pile of fabric in the picture so you'll just have to imagine what it looks like on a head. Or, you can check out the free pattern I used here. I have tweaked the pattern to fit the hubby better.

Harvest will be here before I know it, and definitely before I'm ready. We're a two-person operation on the farm during harvest - I drive the combine and the hubby does everything else. That means eating meals on the go and late at night after we are done for the day. I try to make meals ahead of harvest and put them in the freezer so all we have to do is pop it in the oven. Yikes! I need to start planning harvest meals and getting them made!

I also did a little junk crafting. I always have a pile of spools and bobbins of my go-to threads laying by my sewing machine. It's always a mess and every once in awhile one gets knocked off into the trash can. I've had this idea for a spool holder made from yardsticks to match my measuring tape d├ęcor/theme in my sewing studio. With a few woodworking tools and a handful of yardsticks, my idea became a reality.
I love how it matches my ironing board cover (and my Thistle Thicket Studio wordle quilt, and my Thistle Thicket Studio sign and my magnetic chalkboard tray)! Maybe this will get me motivated to make my retractable design wall - I plan to use yardsticks for the frame of it too. So many ideas, so little time! Isn't that true for all quilters? What have you been wanting to make but haven't found the time yet?



  1. The spool and notion holder you made is awesome and I love that it matches your ironing board cover, too! Good luck getting your meal planning work done ahead of time; harvest sounds like a very busy time for you.

  2. This is such a cool idea. I know next to nothing about wood working projects. I have refinished furniture but never really assembled a project. Really nice! Good luck with your harvest. What is your main crop?

    Years ago, my husband and I farmed twenty acres of thompson seedless grapes which we made into raisins. Harvest is a busy time indeed!

  3. Thanks Bernie. I used to do quite a bit of woodworking for craft projects and sold at craft shows in the 80's. Now I just make things for myself. We raise wheat. We once thought about planting some grapes to make wine, but didn't feel like we had the knowledge.


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