Friday, July 10, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along (Week 11) & Yardstick Tray

After whipping out a couple of quick Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along blocks this week, I was excited to tackle a new upcycle DIY project. I found this rather dirty wood tray with a fabric insert on my last junking foray and thought it would be perfect to transform with yardsticks for my sewing studio.

I removed the fabric center of the tray and repainted the wood frame in my favorite jadeite green color. Then I cut an assortment of painted yardsticks to fit into the wood frame, glued them and then nailed glacier points to hold them securely. TaDa! Perfect to hold an assortment of sewing notions or block pieces beside my sewing machine. I love it!

I'm so excited about my tray, I almost forgot to share my Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along blocks this week. Here is my Grandma's Quilt block:
I like to think of this as my Grandma and Grandpa B's block because they used to raise all sorts of chickens, pheasants and other birds, and they grew a huge vegetable garden with lots of flowers (the snapdragons were my favorites!). So I added flowers and birds in this block for them.

And here is my Haystack block:

Stop back by in a few days and I'll share some more DIY upcycled projects I've been working on.