Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sewing Finds

With harvest complete, the hubby and I took the opportunity to head to Texas for a few days to spoil the grandbabies last week. And no road trip would be complete without stopping at a few antique shops and quilt shops! Much to my hubby's delight, I didn't make any large purchases, but did pick up a couple of fun things for my sewing studio.

Uh-oh! Don't they say three or more of anything is a collection? Well, I think I started a new collection - vintage needle book cases! I found these at the Austin City-Wide Garage Sale and couldn't resist. Now I just have to figure out how to display them. Do you collect vintage needle book cases? How do you display them?

I found this cute little metal green and yellow toy wheelbarrow at a shop in Taylor, Texas called Cherry Tree Creative. This really cute shop features antiques and upcycled things made by local artisans. It's connected to another cute shop with lots of vintage d├ęcor items called The Nest Box. Again, I couldn't resist the wheelbarrow - especially since it was in 'my' color of green! I filled the wheelbarrow with some of my button jars and one of my Farm Girl Vintage canning jar block table toppers and it now sits by my vintage green baby crib filled with quilts.

Of course I had to shop at a quilt shop - or two or three. I picked up some Row by Row patterns and a few new pieces of fabric to add to my stash for the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along.

I found a couple of other cute goodies that I can't share yet or it would spoil the surprise for some quilty friends. Hopefully, you'll keep stopping by and see them later!


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