Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Typewriter Key Necklaces

Since the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along blocks were so quick and easy this week, I had a little time to play. Decisions, Decisions. The hard part was deciding what to play with! In the end, I decided to make a couple of necklaces for my daughter using my vintage typewriter keys.

Making them was simple and quick. A little chain, a couple of bails, a clasp, and some jewelry glue turned two typewriter keys into a double necklace sporting my grandsons' initials. The most difficult part was waiting for the glue to dry!

Next, I decided to stack a couple of vintage buttons and top it with another typewriter key sporting my daughter's initial. I hope she likes them!

And just because I had all the supplies out, I decided to make one more for fun. This one isn't claimed, so if you're interested, email me and we'll negotiate a price:) Doesn't everyone need a "Shift" necklace? Lol! It'll add a little quirky fun to your wardrobe (wink, wink).

Then, guess what?! My brother-in-law found, not one, but TWO old typewriters at the county dump and rescued them for me! How awesome is he?!!!

Who else loves old typewriter keys? What do you do with them? Share your ideas & DIY projects in the comments!



  1. What a great idea. I think the Back Spacer would make an awesome necklace :)

  2. Just read your post about driving the combine. Have you seen the YouTube video of the farm wife who sews with a hand crank machine while driving a tractor?
    Just discovered your blog - love all your ideas!

  3. Thanks Terry for the link. I have not seen this. I don't think I could multi-task like that!

  4. These necklaces are awesome!! Lucky daughter!:)


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