Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Finish & A Find

I finally have finished something - complete with binding! I am amazed when people say that sewing the binding on is their favorite part of the quilt making process. I hate putting on the binding!!! (Is three exclamation marks adequate to express my binding disdain? I think not.)!!! I currently have a stack of almost finished quilts - except for binding - piled on a chair, plus a few more in the top of a closet. I would seriously consider trading sewing or quilting with someone for binding, except that I'm picky when it comes to binding, so that probably wouldn't work either. OK, binding rant over:)

Anyway, my finish is just a table topper for the side table in my bedroom.

Last year I finished one of my UFOs which was a king-size Turning Twenty quilt made with Little Black Dress I fabric. I love this fabric so much!

I picked up a fat eighth bundle when Little Black Dress II came out just in case I decided I wanted to make something else for my room - which ended up being a table topper. I pieced the top back in May and just now got around to quilting it. I'm so glad I waited because I got to spend a little time practicing my custom quilting on it this week.

I also wanted to share this vintage tablecloth that my Mom found while on her Sibling Week awhile back. Of course when she saw it was green she had to get it for me! Thanks Mom! I just love the applique and stitching on it - and the green!

As I'm typing this, I'm looking at the clock. It's late and 5:30 a.m. will be here soon. Can't wait! A van load of my quilting peeps are hitting the road with me for a three-day Row by Row Experience Shop Hop in Colorado. Fun, Fun, FUN! I'll share pics as we hop along on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there @thistlethicketstudio.



  1. Oh, I hope you enjoy your shop hop experience; that sounds like a lot of fun! Your table topper looks lovely; how big does it finish out?

  2. Your quilt and table topper are very striking , I love monochrome . When I get to the binding stage I just want it to be over
    Enjoy your shop hop

  3. How fun to do a Shop Hop with three buddies.

  4. I love your king size quilt and the matching table topper. They are very graphic and look like they go wonderful with your bedroom. Your shop hop sounds like such fun. Have fun with your quilting buddies.

  5. Hope you've had a lot of fun hopping! One of my friends is convinced her quilts develop five corners when she's sewing the binding!

  6. Have sun on your shop hop!! I agree, binding is definitely not the best part. After my first quilt, I started machine sewing the binding on. Takes only a couple hours to do the whole thing. I'm fine with how it looks! Your new quilt looks great.


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