Friday, August 7, 2015

Cool Tool: Moda Palette Builder

I haven't had time to do much sewing this week and have nothing to show, so I'd like to share with you a new online tool that I think is way cool.....Moda's Palette Builder. This is my first chance to play with their new fabric matching tool, but it won't be the last! I can think of a number of ways this tool will come in handy - especially if I ever figure out how to print my own fabric on Spoonflower (but that's a whole different post)!

Palette Builder is easy to use. Just upload a photo to the site and it will read multiple spots in the photo, analyze the color and give you a list of Moda Bella Solids, Aurifil Threads or hex values that most closely match the colors in the photo. You can move the color selector circles around on your photo to choose what colors to have analyzed, so finding the perfect fabrics to match your next project is easy. You can then save your colors for future reference.

I uploaded a photo of one of my jadeite green dishes. I just love this color of green and finding fabric to coordinate with my d├ęcor for future projects will be very handy. I have purchased so many shades of this green, but when I bring them home, they are never just the right shade. Maybe now I'll have better luck!

Palette Builder can generate a list of possible colors of Bella Solid fabrics that will match the colors of the photo. I'm thinking the top color, Amelia Green 9900-163, will be my next fabric purchase.

The program will also generate a list of hex values from your uploaded photo. I can see this being a real benefit if you wanted to design something (fabric, blog websites, etc.) around a color palette that you like.

Lastly, the program will also generate a list of Aurifil Threads that will match or blend with your photo.

So I uploaded another photo with more colors. This is a photo of a Droste Chocolate poster (my maiden name is Droste and we collect anything Droste Cocao!) Someday, I'm going to make mini quilts for my wall from fabric printed with the collection of poster images I have. Finding coordinating fabric numbers will be really helpful when ordering fabric. As you can see, though, not ever suggestion that is generated will be a perfect match. The closest Bella Solid blue has more green in it than the photo and the Bella Solid red has more orange. The ability to move the analyzing circles around will help give you different results, though, so finding a closer match is possible.

This is a photo of a vintage piece of 30's fabric that I really like. I would love to design and print my own fabric in this color palette. Wouldn't it be yummy! Now, with a list of hex color numbers, I will be more successful in matching those colors. Now if I can just figure out the rest of the technical design process!

How would you use Moda's Palette Builder? Let's hear those ideas!


UPDATE: Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl shared that Play Crafts has a Palette Builder too (they also designed Moda's Palette Builder). And it includes Kona Solids, along with the other things Moda's Palette Builder has. Awesome, thanks for the info Yvonne!