Friday, September 18, 2015

Thistle Thicket Crossing - A Big Block Quilt

♪♪♪I like big blocks and I can not lie♪♪♪ (singing to the tune of Sir Mixalot's big hit with a similar lyric). As promised, I'm back to share my second block that I designed for the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop. I wasn't able to use this block pattern because it required more background than the fat 8th provided for the blog hop - but it was my favorite between those that I designed (yes, there were others). So much so, that I made this quilt before I even made my block for the blog hop! And here it is, Thistle Thicket Crossing....
Thistle Thicket Crossing Free Quilt Pattern Designed By Thistle Thicket Studio.
Thistle Thicket Crossing Quilt Designed By Thistle Thicket Studio. Free Pattern at
Bless his heart, the hubby tried to help out taking photos outside. Between the shadows, wind (well, it is Kansas) and the wonky holding, it just wasn't working - but I wasn't super happy with the lighting inside either.

This quilt started with a 48" block and then I added borders for a finished size of 62" x 62". My Thistle Thicket Crossing pattern provides cutting instructions for 60" and 72" blocks also. These bigger block quilts are way easier to piece than that 12" block!

I spent more time than I planned on quilting this (hence the reason why I'm posting this a week later than I promised), but I love the results!

I fussy cut the border so that I had one full circle chain around the outside of the quilt. I just fell in love with this particular print from the Pedal Pushers collection by Lauren & Jesse Jung for Moda, and it dictated the color palette for this quilt. Don't you just love turquoise, pink, green and navy together!

Since I fussy cut the border, I ended up short of fabric for the backing and had to piece my scraps together. I really like the finished result though. I was really excited at how closely centered I was able to get the backing!

And I even remembered to make a label - that doesn't happen very often!

When making the big block quilt, you will get a bunch - 116 to be exact - of extra half square triangles if you sew your trimmed corners. I'm playing with ideas for another quilt using these blocks. Eventually I'll share a companion pattern using those trimmed corner HSTs. Who doesn't love an idea for the leftovers!

As they say, no rest for the weary (quilter)! I better get back to my sewing machine to finish up my project for my turn on the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along next week! Be sure to stop back by next Friday!