Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall On The Farm & Farm Girl Friday

I'm back at it - sewing my Farm Girl Vintage blocks as we near the end of this sew along. I finished up the other block from last week and was ready to tackle the last two blocks in this fun quilt.....but guess what?! Lori Holt announced on her blog, Bee In My Bonnet, today that she is extending the fun! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us!

I didn't get to share my Welcome block last week since I was the featured blogger for the Water Turn block. If you missed my post, you can see it here.

I took a little break last weekend to do some housecleaning and a little fall decorating. I just love to scrounge around in the barn for rusty & weathered junk to decorate with! A rusty gate, some wooden boxes, a few galvanized cans, and of course my corrugated tin Power Cat (Go KSU!) arranged with some fall leaves, pumpkins and milo tucked about and you have a festive fall vignette fit for any entryway!

Festive Fall Decor by Thistle Thicket Studio
Of course I had to add my Farm Girl Vintage pumpkin quilt too! I just love this old wardrobe. My hubby's great-grandparents brought this to western Kansas in a covered wagon when they homesteaded here on our farm. My hubby is the 4th generation to live and raise crops on this farm.

Quilt Display by Thistle Thicket Studio
It all looks so great next to my old weathered ladder sporting an array of quilts.

Fall Decor Display by Thistle Thicket Studio
The hubby says its a sign I have too many quilts when I have to start hanging them in layers, lol! But seriously, can a girl have too many quilts?

Fabric Box by Thistle Thicket Studio
I didn't get a chance to share the little fabric box I made last week. My quilty peeps got together for a day of fun and we each made one. This will look so cute in my studio with some tools in it. I think I'll make some to fit a loaf of bread and give them as Christmas gifts! Seaside Stitches shared a great tutorial on how to make them.

Today I'm in the barn working on some cute wooden pumpkins, so check back next week for a peek at my latest crafty project!