Monday, October 12, 2015

Mini Mini Quilts

In my sewing studio, I have this wall of white closet doors. Very stark, very plain, white wall of doors.

On Instagram, I've been seeing photos of the cutest little quilts. Teeny tiny little quilts. Mini mini quilts.

Brainstorm! I've decided I'm going to make that very plain white wall of doors into my mini wall of quilts! So this weekend I made my first mini mini. It measures 6" x 6". It is a plus quilt. I've been wanting to make a large one, but that's just one of many on my list of want-to-dos. I made my mini mini from scraps from my Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along. They were so tiny - 1" squares - that they were really not even scraps, just snippets.
Mini Mini Plus Quilt by Thistle Thicket Studio. 6" mini quilt.
Not all of the plus signs line up, but it's not bad, I guess, for my first attempt. I kind of like it - wonky and all.

Hanging triangles on a Mini Mini Quilt Back by Thistle Thicket Studio.
I put hanging corners on the back and cut a scrap piece of yardstick to slide under the triangles and then used double stick foam tape to secure the yardstick to the closet door.

But one little mini mini quilt looked lonely on that big expanse of white. So, I made another. A 4" mini mini. Again I used scraps from the sew along and I used Lori Holt's little heart pattern from her book "Farm Girl Vintage".
Mini Mini Heart Quilt by Thistle Thicket Studio. 4" mini quilt.
Connecting the two ends of the binding on such a little quilt was a wee bit difficult and if I make anything smaller, I will have to use a different binding method.

There, that's better. My mini mini plus quilt doesn't look so lonely! I think it would look really cute to make a 2" mini mini mini to finish off this little row of quilts!

What to do with a big expanse of white closet doors? Make A Wall of Mini Quilts!
Each section of these doors are 18" wide, so I think I'll maybe make some of Thimble Blossoms' mini quilts too. I just love her wall of mini quilts in her studio and some larger mini quilts will add some variety on my wall.

On Instagram, people are swapping mini mini quilts. I have a quilt blogger friend from the UK, Helen of Midget Gem Quilts, and we are going to swap minis - after we each finish some other things that are currently on our plates. I can't wait. I already have my idea for her mini mini. Maybe I can sneak it in on my plate this week after all!

Have you made a mini mini yet?