Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Collecting Vintage Sewing Notions

I collect lots of different things - vintage Christmas ornaments, jadeite dishes, Droste chocolate tins, toy sewing machines, yardsticks, fabric..... One of my newest collections is vintage advertising needle book cases. I just love the vintage pictures on them - especially the ones with scenes of ladies sewing. I've had one hanging in my sewing room that my mother-in-law gave me several years ago. I started picking one up here & there this year and before I knew it, another collection was born. 

With our recent junking travels, my needle book case collection has grown, so today I thought I'd share a couple of photos of them:)

 A collection isn't fun unless you can look at them and enjoy them. So, I made display sticks using yardsticks, clothes pins and buttons. I love the look!

I also have some displayed on an old porcelain shelf that my mom gave me. I have it leaning against a cupboard in my sewing room and use button magnets to hold the needle book cases.

Someday I hope to do a little research on needle book cases. It would be fun to know when they were popular and how old they are. Do you collect any vintage sewing notions? How do you display them?