Monday, July 25, 2016

A Day At The Auction

This weekend, my mom and I hit the road for some auction fun. In our neck of the woods, estate sales are unheard of. Instead, auctions are a common place occurrence - farm auctions, liquidation auctions, antique auctions, estate auctions..... This particular auction featured lots of antique quilts, handwork, jewelry and dishes.

antique quilt, Thistle Thicket Studio, auction, hexigon quilt, quilts, quilting, grandmother's flower garden quilt
But it was the quilts that stole the show! Beautiful old quilts, many hand pieced and hand quilted. A lifetime of handwork.

Thistle Thicket Studio, antique quilt, grandmother's flower garden quilt, quilts, quilting, 30s quilt
Many were made with 30's fabrics and were composed of hexagon pieces, like this Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. There were even a couple of crazy quilts with dates in the 1890's embroidered on them.

Thistle Thicket Studio, antique quilt, quilts, quilting
We didn't come home with any of these beauties as the prices were all higher than we wanted to go, but it was nice to see that these quilts were being treasured and valued. We did come home with a few treasures from the auction and a couple of antique shops we also visited.

vintage, feedsack fabric, vintage sewing kits, Thistle Thicket Studio, vintage notions
Here's some of our finds - some feedsack fabrics and an assortment of vintage sewing kits. Now I'm trying to decide how to display the sewing kits. Got any ideas?