Friday, September 23, 2016

Robots All In A Row: BQF Original Design

This week I've seen lots of posts about the Blogger's Quilt Festival hosted by Amy over at Amy's Creative Side, so I decided to check it out. Amy started the BQF 8 years ago as a way for bloggers to share their work and to inspire each other. Although all the eye candy is a gift in itself, Amy has a slew of sponsors for giveaways and prizes as an added bonus to participate, either as a blogger or a blog visitor! So, I decided to join in the fun today! (what else do I have to do while sitting around at the rehab center with my mom?;)

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One of my favorite quilts I've completed this year is this Robots All In A Row quilt. I designed and made this quilt for grandson #2 when he graduated from his baby crib into his big boy bed. With the change of beds came new d├ęcor with a robot theme.
 Thistle Thicket Studio, robot quilt, robots all in a row quilt, chevron quilt, robot fabric
The idea for this quilt design started with this robot fabric I found on our girls Row by Row road trip last year called "Little Monsters Robots" by The Henley Studio for Makower UK. I sketched out each of the robots onto graph paper, then I just started sewing robots with no particular plan in mind. As the quilt developed, the robot fabric moved from the focal print of the quilt to the backing of the quilt.

Thistle Thicket Studio, Robots All In A Row quilt, chevron quilt, straight line quilting, quilts
I decided to set the robots in a row surrounded by a field of chevrons. Once the sewing process started, this quilt went quickly, from start to finish it only took me 3 weekends to make. Of course, I did have a deadline of finishing it before my grandson's second birthday.

Thistle Thicket Studio, Robots All In A Row quilt, robot quilt, chevron quilt, straight line quilting, quilts
I decided to use straight lines for the quilting, adding to the modern feel of the quilt. I followed the chevron's zigzag for the chevron part of the quilt and quilted horizontal lines across the robots.

Thistle Thicket Studio, Robots All In A Row quilt, robot quilt, robot pillowcase, Little Monsters Robots fabric, quilts
With the left over fabric from the quilt, I made a pillowcase to coordinate.

Thistle Thicket Studio, Robots All In A Row quilt, robot quilt, robots, quilts
This was such a rewarding quilt for me to make. I really enjoyed the creative process of designing the robots and seeing it go from a sketch to a quilt. It was also my first solids quilt and I hope it won't be my last! I have always considered myself a traditional quilter, but this quilt has definitely expanded my horizons and I find myself gravitating to more modern fabric each time I go shopping for new projects. Of course, the greatest reward was making this quilt for such a special little guy in my life!

Be sure to check out the Blogger's Quilt Festival and vote for your favorite quilts (hopefully it's mine!) and enter the giveaways!

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  1. This quilt is pretty amazing! The robots are so cute. And the straight line quilting really looks nice. I have been seeing so many solid quilts that catch my attention lately and I hope there are many of them in my future as well.

  2. What a lucky boy to have this robot quilt. A great idea to make them large, but tricky piecing. Good job! Love the solids and the backing. Working when you are inspired made this a winner.

  3. That little guy is incredibly cute. So is your quilt! I love the fabric, but I love how you turned it into a quilt pattern even more. This is a fantastic quilt that makes me want to buy a pattern from you AND buy this fabric.

  4. This is a fabulous quilt, Sharla, and I love getting to see it again for the festival. The coordinating pillow is so perfect, too.

  5. Very cute!!! Love how you explain your design thought process.


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