Sunday, January 29, 2017

Batman Meets The Lego Batman Quilt

Super heroes are rarely idle, and that goes for our little Batman. It took a day or two to track him down (he was out saving the world from the bad guys) and get him to stop long enough to pose with his Lego Batman quilt. But when he did, he posed in true super hero form. Only later, after he saw this photo did he realize that he forgot his yellow belt, so he ran into his play room to dig through his trunk of costumes to find it.
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After a few minutes, Spiderman emerged from the play room and was off to cast his web over some bad guys on the trampoline. Never a slow day in the life of a super hero!
Thistle Thicket Studio, super heroes, spiderman

As you can see by the multiple holes in Spiderman's costume, my grandson loves his super heroes and lives in his costumes. I hope his Lego Batman quilt gives him just as many hours of joy in the years to come.
Thistle Thicket Studio, super heroes, spiderman