Saturday, May 6, 2017

Snowman Tea Towels

This past week has been an adventure both on and off the farm. The hubby and I woke up last Saturday to a house with no electricity and Winter Storm Ursa bearing down on us. On an impulse - rather a real desire not to spend the weekend at home with no power - we packed our bags and got out while the gettin' was still good. We headed east to avoid Ursa's wrath and spent the weekend shopping, antiquing and dining. Finally on Tuesday, we received word that electricity had been restored so we headed for home to assess the damage. Depending on what source you read, we received anywhere from 15" to 20" of very wet, heavy snow. The snow has probably harvested any hopes of a wheat crop and has damaged many of the trees on the farm. Amazingly, by the time we arrived home, much of the snow had melted in the 40-50 degree temps - so no snow pics.

Thistle Thicket Studio, tea towels, Spoonflower fabric, fabric design, textile design, surface pattern design
Wednesday was spent cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer of all the food ruined by four days without electricity, catching up on laundry, packing for my next adventure, and making these cute snowman tea towels for a gift for my daughter. My five-year-old grandson created the snowman drawing featured on the fabric bands on the tea towels and I transformed the drawing into fabric via Photoshop and Spoonflower. The toweling is from Moda called Bright Plaid and I added the bands of snowman fabric trimmed in cream ricrac and the green ball fringe. I love how they turned out!

The next day, I was off - with my mom in tow - for a quick weekend trip to see that same grandson play baseball before his season ended. With all these adventures, not much sewing has been happening, but hopefully I'll get back on track soon and have lots to share! Until then....