Thursday, June 15, 2017

TBT: Morning Star Quilt

Morning Star Quilt Made By Thistle Thicket Studio back in the early 1990's from the Eleanor Burns 'Quilt In A Day' series of books.

Oh, this one is an oldie but goody! For today's Throw Back Thursday, I'm sharing another one of the first quilts I made back in the early 90's called Morning Star Quilt. In fact, it may have been the first quilt I completed, but I'm not sure. Here's what I remember.....
  1. I made this quilt in a quilt class through the extension service. We sewed for 2 days in the class then took it home to finish.
  2. The pattern is from Eleanor Burns "Quilt In A Day" series called Morning Star Quilt (published in 1988). Obviously, it took me longer than a day!
  3. I bought the fabric at Walmart because I didn't know any better and there weren't many, if any, quilt stores in the area. I've never washed this quilt (and I never pre-wash my fabric) so I don't know how well it will hold up.
  4. It's a full-size quilt measuring 73" x 89". Thank goodness I found the book for reference! (It's a miracle!!)
  5. I quilted it on my domestic sewing machine, according to the book's instructions, along the chains with monofilament thread. It definitely does not have enough quilting on it to keep the batting from shifting and someday I plan to load it on my long arm and quilt it again. Some. Day. Ha!
  6. I'm sure I pieced it with good ole Coats & Clark thread and, because it has some loft, I think I used a poly batting.
  7. This quilt has lived it's life folded and laid across the back of one of my hubby's antique Abernathy chairs in our living room.
I sure wish I would have chronicled my quilt making from the beginning. Do you keep a record of the quilts you make? What kind of a system do you use? Please comment and share!