Monday, July 24, 2017

Rainbow Eclipses

Kansas City. Although we're both in Kansas, I had only been to Kansas City a couple of times prior to our son locating there after college 5 years ago. Since then, we have been drawn to KC a number of times - from visiting our son to staying with my mom while she was rehabbing after her car accident to doctors visits to family vacays. Last weekend, our family gathered there for a mini-vacay and we took our grandsons to several of the kid-friendly sites in the city. Though they may have been kid-friendly, they weren't so friendly to me as I tripped and fell while at Legoland (I'm not known for my gracefulness!) and fractured my elbow.

'Rainblow Eclipses' textile design by Thistle Thicket Studio.
I'm hoping to return to Kansas City next month (besides for follow-up doctor's appointments) for the August 21st Great American Eclipse as KC is in the direct path of the eclipse. Durham, North Carolina, home to Spoonflower, is also close to the eclipse path. To celebrate, their next fabric design competition is "Solar Eclipse". Since I haven't tackled sewing yet since my 'trip', I decided to play with the solar eclipse idea in Photoshop and "Rainbow Eclipses" is the result.

I actually haven't decided whether I really even like this design or not, but I entered it in Spoonflower's contest anyway. It's definitely more modern and computer generated than the other designs I have been working on. It was a fun learning experience though.

The deadline to enter the contest is Tuesday and all the design submissions will be up on Spoonflower's website for voting on Thursday. Stop by and check them all out!