Sunday, October 15, 2017

My Quick Crafternoon Projects

I didn't get the row for my challenge quilt done this week (maybe today), but I did get a couple of little afternoon craft projects completed this week. And, I made the realization this week that Christmas is just around the corner - Aaaccck!!! I've been trying to brainstorm gift ideas and that put me in the holiday mood so I dug out a little project I have been collecting items for.

Gold Vintage Christmas Ornament Arrangement by Thistle Thicket Studio.
If you follow this blog, you know I love, love, love vintage Christmas ornaments. I found an old bottle brush tree trimmed in gold while antiquing in Gruene, Texas last Christmas and have been wanting to do a gold arrangement with vintage ornaments. I had several gold vintage balls and I found an old 50's gold corsage, some plastic star Christmas light covers and vintage birds ornaments at estate sales. Then a week or so ago I found a little cream tea cup and saucer trimmed in gold and thought that would make the perfect base for my arrangement. A little hot glue later and Ta-Da - a vintage Christmas tabletop arrangement! I love it!

English Paper Pieced Hexie Flower by Thistle Thicket Studio.
After our sew day last weekend, I was still in the vintage planter pincushion mode, so before I packed the leftover planters back in the box, I made one for a gift I was needing. I hand stitched the hexie flower then appliqued it to a 9" circle of fabric by machine. Then I hand sewed a gathering stitch around the edge of the circle, gathered and stuffed it. 

Pincushion Poof by Thistle Thicket Studio.
To hide the raw edges of the gathered poof, I hot glued a large button over the opening. Even though it will never be seen unless someone takes the pincushion out of the planter, I think it looks more finished with the raw edges hidden.

Vintage Planter Pincushion by Thistle Thicket Studio.
Then I just stuffed the poof in the opening of the planter to create this cute little vintage planter pincushion. These cuties are just so addictive!

Vintage Planter Pincushion by Thistle Thicket Studio.
What craft or sewing project have you been working on this week?