Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Vintage Birthday Goodness

My birthday was last week. It was very low key as the hubby was on the tractor preparing our fields for wheat planting. I spent the day working on designs for a textile pattern collection. Slowly, but surely, I am making progress towards putting a portfolio together. 

vintage notions
My mom always knows what to give me for presents. For this birthday, she went shopping in her own personal stash of vintage sewing notions. I love vintage plastic advertising thimbles, old tape measures, old-fashioned buttons and snaps on cards, and other sewing notions from days gone by. It's always a challenge to figure out a cute way to display them and that's on my to-do list with these goodies. My mother-in-law also went shopping in her stash and gifted me the hand-painted china celery (?) dish from Germany that was a wedding present to the hubby's great aunt and uncle.

My gift from the hubby is a trip to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska to see the Mark Dunn Collection and to hear Mr. Dunn's (Moda Fabrics) presentation "Quilts and Their Stories". My 'Molecules of Moda: Bella Solids' quilt is in Mr. Dunn's collection but who knows if it will be included in this display. The hubby, however, has chosen to bow out of attending - he said it sounded like more of a mother-daughter road trip, so my mom and I are headed out tomorrow for 3 days of quilting and antiquing fun!

Can't wait to share more when I return!