Tuesday, April 16, 2019

2019 Finish-A-Long Q2 Goals

2019 Finish-A-Long Q2 Goals By FAL Co-Host Thistle Thicket Studio. www.thistlethicketstudio.com
It's time to link up your goals for the second quarter of the Finish-A-Long! I didn't complete one thing on my list last quarter so now I have two 'must finish' projects this quarter. I also threw in a few other projects in case I finish up my 'must finish' projects. If you don't know what the Finish-A-Long is, check out my page here.

Moda Grunge Fabrics For A Our Hearts Will Go On Quilt By Thistle Thicket Studio. www.thistlethicketstudio.com
1. Our Hearts Will Go On Quilt: This stack of Moda Grunge fabrics will hopefully be transformed into this Storm At Sea quilt.....

It will be a wedding gift for my son and his fiancé. Their house is all in neutrals so hoping this color palette will fit in nicely.

Quilts Of Valor Quilt By Thistle Thicket Studio. www.thistlethicketstudio.com
2. Quilts Of Valor Quilt: I said this was a must finish project last quarter, but now it really is! I need to get this one finished because it is for a very special Korean War vet - my uncle.

Just The Atom Quilt By Thistle Thicket Studio. www.thistlethicketstudio.com
3. Just the Atoms Quilt: I started this one with the scrap fabrics from my Molecules of Moda quilt as a keepsake of that quilt which was sold to Moda's Mark Dunn. It would be nice to get this one done.

Modern Marks Quilt By Thistle Thicket Studio. www.thistlethicketstudio.com
4. Modern Marks Quilt: I haven't touched this since arriving home from our winter travels last year. This is a simple design and shouldn't take too long to make if I just put my mind to it. Maybe if I use it as a leaders & enders project I could get this done.

Frivols Kindred Quilt By Thistle Thicket Studio. www.thistlethicketstudio.com
5. Frivols Kindred Quilt: I haven't worked on this one for more than a year, but I have more than half of the blocks completed so after I get my 'must finish' projects done I could knock this one out.

There it is - Five Goals. But I'd be happy if I just get my two 'must finish' quilts completed. I always add a few extra because there's no harm in setting goals and working towards them and that's the whole point of the Finish-A-Long. What doesn't get done this quarter can always be moved to the next quarter - no penalties! And what does get done can be eligible for some great prizes (well, for you if you join in but not for me since I'm one of the hosts). There's only a few more days to get your Q2 goals posted so don't dally! Deadline is Thursday, April 18, 2019. I'll be linking this post up with the FAL Q2 Link Up here