Friday, May 17, 2019

A Scrappy Happy Holidays Mystery Sew Along - Month 5

A Scrappy Happy Holiday Mystery Sew Along - Month 5 by Thistle Thicket Studio.
Another month has flown by and it's time again for A Scrappy Happy Holiday Mystery block reveal. This month I've changed it up a bit and instead of making one 12" block, we're making four 6" blocks! That's 4x the fun, right?! Here are my "Let It Snow" blocks in three scrappy fabric-ways:

 Beige background.


Scrappy white background.

Did you notice that the blocks are sewn into pairs, not into a 12" block? Just wanted to point that out so you don't get carried away sewing blocks together.

And my tip for this month....when trimming and squaring up your 3.25" squares, flip them over to the wrong side and use that center line created by the seams pressed to the middle to line up your 45 degree mark on your ruler. It will help to keep the center strip running through the center of the block and keep the block square.

I hope you all are enjoying the sew along as we are nearing the halfway point. Before long we'll all be decorating for Christmas again!

As I am typing this post, I'm listening to the local weather where several tornados have hit a couple of communities in western Kansas. Prayers for safety for my fellow Kansans.


P.S. Ugh! I just noticed as I was looking at my photos that a couple of block sashings don't line up so I guess I will be doing a little ripping and re-sewing. Oh, the life of a quilter!

NOTE: The pattern is not included in the post. The pattern is provided by email to those participants registered for 'A Scrappy Happy Holidays Mystery Sew Along'. Registration for this sew along has closed.