Friday, July 19, 2019

A Scrappy Happy Holidays Mystery Sew Along: Month 7

A Scrappy Happy Holidays Mystery Sew Along Month 7 by Thistle Thicket Studio.
Whew! We made it to another installment of "A Scrappy Happy Holidays Mystery Sew Along"! This may be my favorite month - not because of the block, but because we're combining last month and this month blocks to create our string of Christmas lights, complete with a ric-rac electrical cord! I just love ric-rac! Of course, I used ric-rac but you can use your favorite trim such as bias tape, Chenille-it or embroidery thread.

I raced out to take photos of my finished lightbulb strings (before I even had a chance to press very well or trim the strings) because the wind wasn't blowing at gale force winds, so excuse the less than perfect picture. Even at that, I had to take quite a few shots before I got a couple that didn't have a corner flipped up from the light breeze. Oh the woos of quilt photography! LOL!

A Scrappy Happy Holidays Mystery Sew Along Month 7 by Thistle Thicket Studio.
To sew the ric-rac in place, I used a disappearing ink marker to mark the lines from the templates, then cut lengths of ric-rac and pinned in place over the line, sewing one section at a time. Did you know that you can sew a straight line down the center of ric-rac? I removed a few stitches from the seam in the center of each plug-in and lightbulb to insert the ends of the ric-rac then sewed the openings closed and trimmed the ric-rac ends to 1/4". Warning!!! If your ric-rac has a blend of polyester, do not use an iron directly on the ric-rac or it will melt it onto your iron. Ask me how I know! (On a side note - what's your favorite iron cleaning product???)

I hope you enjoy this month of the sew along as much as I did! Happy Sewing!


NOTE: The pattern is not included in the post. The pattern is provided by email to those participants registered for 'A Scrappy Happy Holidays Mystery Sew Along'. Registration for this sew along has closed.