Saturday, October 26, 2019

UFO Busting

I've been in a closet cleaning and organizing mode lately. As I was cleaning, I pulled out a couple of trash bags of quilts from the top of my closet. These quilts had been in the top of my closet for probably 15 years and they just needed binding attached. Now, you know how much I hate binding!

Rail Fence & Checkerboard Quilt by Thistle Thicket Studio.
Anyway, in one of the bags was a huge Irish chain quilt that needed binding and a finished quilt I had made as a shop sample that I total forgot completely about. In the other bag were two matching (one blue and one pink) rail fence baby quilts and a larger rail fence made with the left over fabrics from the baby quilts. The baby quilts I had started for a friend who had twins but never finished in time so ended up giving something different. Several years later, I finished the baby quilts and made the extra quilt but never finished hand sewing the binding down. 

So, even more years later, those twins are now freshmen in college. I decided to give the baby quilts to their mother as 'grandma quilts' for when she has her first grandbabies. Better late than never, right? And I finished the binding on the extra quilt, pictured above, and will donate it.

One interesting thing about finishing a quilt that has been in the UFO stage for 15 years is that you get to see how you've progressed in your quilting skills. I was appalled at how I made binding back then! So much happier with my binding skills now - even though I still hate to sew binding.

I also hate that I am such a procrastinator with finishing my UFOs but it feels good to get these off the list. And I have more closet space to fill with other UFOs! LOL!!

Anyone else want to admit their UFO procrastination?

Happy quilting!